Underpaid and under-appreciated!


Those who never had children, or whose children or grandchildren have come and gone out of the system, are no longer engaged: no longer support nor EFFECTIVELY show their appreciation for teachers. Support is only through taxes as a general rule.  There is usually no personal interaction or support.  

ELMER’S mission is to change that!  Through Elmer’s Helpers we hope to make a dent in the “out of pocket” expenses teachers have to come up with, and as importantly show them their entire community support on an ongoing basis. 


We want to focus on any public school where parents might be struggling to support their schools and teachers for any number of reasons.

With your help, Elmer hopes to make a huge difference.


ELMER hopes the result will be to improve morale, thereby, hopefully, avoiding teacher strikes.  We, as a community, will become more in tuned and attuned to the issues of our community schools and be more informed.  Thus, we can support our teachers in the administrative and electoral systems more intelligently.


So how can you become a helper?

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